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Manhattan Chauffeurs

We are a family run business serving the metropolitan area since 1957. With over 50 years of experience we are the largest, oldest and most established Chauffeur Business in New York City. Additionally, since 1946, the same owners have operated separate luxury limousine companies making them one of the oldest luxury limousine companies in the city. Accordingly we have extensive experience in satisfying our customer’s transportation needs. Chauffeurs Unlimited is in the business of providing trained professional chauffeurs to drive your car, all for a surprisingly affordable fee. Whether it be for a few hours, a day, or full time, a chauffeur at your disposal is the most convenient and cost effective way to manage many of your transportation needs. See our services section for the many uses available. Chauffeurs Unlimited provides fully uniformed, licensed, courteous and knowledgeable chauffeurs experienced in providing the type of quality service our customers expect and rely on. Our chauffeurs’ backgrounds and driving records are checked and chauffeurs are periodically screened to assure only the most suitable chauffeurs are provided. Getting you there safely and efficiently is our primary concern. We are proud of our chauffeurs and take extensive efforts to ensure you will be provided with the finest chauffeurs in the industry. Chauffeurs Unlimited does not own any vehicles. However, if you want to be chauffeur driven in a late-model Limousine, Van, SUV, Bus, or other vehicle, we can also see that your request is properly processed through a separate luxury limousine company operated by the same owners of Chauffeurs Unlimited. This is an upscale, reliable and professional luxury limousine service. It is not the same as simple Black Car services. Our sister companies will provide you with a reliable professional chauffeur with a fully insured and licensed vehicle. In short, your car or ours, we can fulfill all your transportation needs. We serve the greater New York metropolitan area, including all major airports. Corporate and individual accounts are welcome. Our polite, courteous, and friendly staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. Our staff is the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. You can count on us for the safest, most convenient and cost effective solutions to your transportation concerns. We welcome any inquiries you may have and look forward to hearing from you. Services: The Golden Years If you have a loved one or parent that is getting a little older and is not as confident navigating through the fast pace of the city, allow Chauffeurs Unlimited to get them safely and comfortably to their destinations with the company and assistance of a professional chauffeur. Public transportation in New York may be difficult depending on where you live and/or not practical. Your parent or loved one may need more attention or assistance. We are more than happy helping them in and out of the car or with their shopping, getting them to medical appointments, or just getting out and about so that they can live a little, enjoy the comfort and privilege of being chauffeured around town and all in the comfort of their own vehicle. This is the cornerstone of our business and we take great pride in improving the quality of lives of our elder customers. We want to ensure our senior customers get the quality service and attention they deserve, and that is why so many of our elder customers rely on us day in and day out. This is also why many of our clients ensure that their parents are provided with our chauffeur services. If you are thinking of giving your parents the gift of Broadway tickets and dinner, or for any reason want to see them get out and about, then you can rely on us to help make this a reality. During the last 60 years, we have found our senior customers most appreciate the comfort, safety and convenience of their own vehicle. We will be there when they walk out, no waiting in the streets to hail a cab. Additionally if you are having a gathering and you want family members to be there, we can pick-up your parent or loved one in your/their vehicle and take them to your destination Thus making the family gathering a cherished reality. If you need your vehicle maintained but don’t feel up to driving there and waiting, also not a problem. Our chauffeurs can pick you up your vehicle and have the chores attended to, be it car washing, inspections, repairs, service, etc. The vehicle will then be returned to you or your garage, fully attended to and ready for the next time you need it. The Golden Years are called that for a purpose. You deserve to be catered to and we can help make that a reality. Come experience why so many of our elder clients use our services for a wide array of tasks. Live a little, call Chauffeurs Unlimited (212) 644-0400 or reserve on line. Doctor Appointments Chauffeurs Unlimited provides transportation services for people who are in need of medical care. If you have a medical appointment and do not want to drive yourself, Chauffeurs Unlimited can provide you with non-emergency transportation to and from healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices. Many of our clients have found this service to be of particular value in that they are greeted at their doorstep and travel in the comfort of a familiar vehicle. Our service is also a very cost effective alternative as opposed to many other forms of transportation. If your current condition is not a life threatening one and you need assistance, we can provide you with an experienced chauffeur who will be readily available to transport you to your appointment in the comfort of your own vehicle. Our services also relieve the burden on your family and friends who might otherwise want to take their time to get you to your necessary doctor’s appointments. We can do that instead of burdening them. Equally so, you may have a loved ones who may not necessarily have the means or the opportunity to obtain reliable transportation. We can easily and reliably get them to their necessary doctor’s appointments on-time. Unlimited is that available partner you are looking for when you are unable to get to where you need to be. We strive to alleviate the fear of burdening others by providing you with a reliable chauffeur who is ready to cater to your needs. Our immaculately attired chauffeurs are backed by years of experience and undergo additional training and background checks so you know that your chauffeur is providing you with quality service every time. You can feel safe knowing that your vehicle is being driven by a qualified professional who will safely transport you to your destination. If however, you do not wish to have our chauffeur’s drive your own vehicle, Chauffeurs Unlimited will arrange for our sister company to provide you with a late model luxury vehicle driven by a uniformed chauffeur who can successfully cater to your transportation needs. The next time you have a non-threatening emergency and need to get to a doctor’s appointment or other medical treatment, consider your options and give Chauffeurs Unlimited a call (212) 644-0400, or reserve your chauffeur online!

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