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Many Real-estate agents and brokers have already discovered the comfort, convenience and cost savings of having a chauffeur drive their clients to the various properties being shown. No more pressure of scrambling to show the desired office or apartment by navigating the subways, hailing a taxi or walking great lengths to find parking. In fact having a chauffeur adds an air of professionalism that distinguishes you from your competition. Whether it is your agent’s car, the company’s car, or your personal car, allow our experienced chauffeurs to drive you to your destinations. Our service affords you the opportunity to show your client surrounding areas, be dropped off and picked up at your convenience for your next showing with less stress and smooth transitions. You will be able to focus on the important things your clients expect rather than being distracted by finding parking or navigating city traffic. All for very reasonable fees; experience why so many of the City’s leading real estate brokers rely on our professional services.

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